The New Strategic Brand Management
Advanced Insights and Strategic Thinking

Adopted internationally by business schools, MBA programs, and marketing practitioners, The New Strategic Brand Management is the reference source of choice for senior strategists, positioning professionals and postgraduate students.  Over the years it has established a reputation as one of the leading works on brand strategy.

The fifth edition builds on this impressive reputation and keeps the book at the forefront of strategic brand thinking. Explaining the latest techniques used by companies worldwide, author Jean-Noël Kapferer covers ...

Jean-Noël Kapferer
is an internationally recognized authority on brands and brand management. A Professor of Marketing Strategy at HEC Graduate School of Management in France, he holds a PhD from Northwestern University. He is also the author of The Luxury Strategy (Kogan Page).

"If I had to use just one word to describe this book I would say it is provides guidance through the entire branding process...No aspect of brand management is left untouched." 
--Michael Baicoianu,

Praise for earlier edition:

"A magisterial work on brands." --Journal of Product & Brand Management 

"After reading Kapferer's book, you'll never again think of a brand as just a name. Several exciting new ideas and perspectives on brand building are offered that have been absent from ...

Introduction: Building the brand when the clients are empowered 

Part One Why is branding so strategic? 
1. Brand equity in question 
2. Strategic implications of branding 
3. Brand and business models 
4. Brand diversity: how specific are different sectors? 
5. Managing retail brands 

Part Two The challenges of modern markets 
6. The new brand management 
7. Brand identity and positioning 

Part Three Creating and sustaining brand equity 
8. Launching the brand 
9. Growing the brand 
10. Sustaining a brand long term 
11. Brand and products: identity and change 
12. Growth ... Expand