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Innovation and Best Practice for Business Success

The Art of Winning in an Age of Uncertainty

About the Book
This revolutionary new book harnesses the essence of human survival – the ability to adapt – to help people succeed in business and all other aspects of life.

Through natural selection, humans have adapted unconsciously to their environment. Strategy and innovation expert, Max McKeown, draws on millions of years of evolution to create a practical and strategic set of rules which take adaption from an involuntary coping strategy to a deliberate winning strategy.

To show how adaptability works McKeown ... Expand

Authors / Editors
Max McKeown
is an author, consultant and popular speaker. He has been strategic advisor to Microsoft, Virgin, the 2012 Olympics, Sony, Barclays and Vodafone on innovation, human potential, customer experience, marketing, team building and competitive advantage. He was elected to the Customer Service Hall of Fame on MSN Money and has been nominated as a Star of Human Resources by Personnel Today. He is a regular columnist and "thought leader" for Management-Issues, and he has ... Expand

Press Coverage

"[T]he author's ingenious approach makes it useful in all endeavors… This enlightening motivational tool helps the individual determine where a problem exists and how to fix it… Backed by solid research and references, McKeown provides a common-sense guide to adapting beyond the point of mere survival." --ForeWord Reviews 

"[G]rounded in diverse, concrete examples, McKeown's advice is germane enough to appeal to anyone stuck in a rut--from entrepreneurs to established companies." -- Expand

Table of Contents

Introduction: In Search of Adaptability

Part One: Recognize the Need to Adapt
Rule 1: Play Your Own Game
Rule 2: All Failure is Failure to Adapt
Rule 3: Embrace Unacceptable Wisdom
Rule 4: F*** with the Rules
Rule 5: Stability is a Dangerous Illusion
Rule 6: Stupid Survives until Smart Succeeds

Part Two: Understand Necessary Adaptation
Rule 7: Learning Fast Better than Failing Fast
Rule 8: Plan B Matter Most
Rule 9: Free Radicals
Rule 10: Think Better Together
Rule 11: Get a Kick-ass Partner

Part Three: Adapt as ...

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