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Auto Brand
Building Successful Car Brands for the Future

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The car -- once a dream purchase and a key status symbol -- has faced extensive challenges. Urbanization, pollution and scarce oil supplies raise concerns about the sustainability of an ever-increasing number of automobiles. Young consumers show a declining interest in cars and the percentage of people with a driving license is falling in the Western world. All these changes have led to a refocusing of the role of the car in society.

In Auto Brand, industry researcher ...


Authors / Editors

Dr. Anders Parment is a research fellow at Stockholm University as well as Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Branding and Marketing Communications. He is an established brand and business consultant in the automotive industry, with key customers include Audi, Citroën, Porsche, Saab, Seat, Volkswagen and Volvo, as well as major banks, consulting, insurance and finance companies, governments, authorities, and professional organizations.

"If you are very or even mildly interested in automotive branding and marketing, you need to read this book."
-Christopher Sawyer, The Virtual Driver

"[A] fine history of the car industry's brands, how they evolved as they met challenges of globalization, and how they changed with growing regulations over safety and the environment. ...[A] reasoned study recommended for any collection strong in automobile history and culture."
-Midwest Book Review, California Bookwatch, The Automotive Shelf

"Dr. Anders Parment ... Expand

Table of Contents



01 The car – fashion item or out of fashion?
How the car lost its advantage – emotional and functional rationales
Changes in societal values and the role of the car
The emergence of branded society
Aestheticization of marketing channels: an extension of car makers’ corporate identity programmes
Generational differences and the paradox of car image

02 Competition, market structure and global challenges
Herd behaviour: car makers apply similar strategies
Being proactive – a sign of competitive and sustainable strategies
Marketing intelligence and driving ...


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