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Developing Mental Toughness
Improving Performance, Wellbeing and Positive Behaviour in Others

About the Book
Mental toughness is measured by how effectively individuals respond to stress, pressure and challenge. Developing Mental Toughness clearly and effectively explains the concept of mental toughness and traces its development from sports psychology into organizational development, health and education.

This book covers the key skills and techniques required to recognize, use and develop mental toughness in others including evaluation, ROI and improving attention spans. The authors consider mental toughness in relation to education, working in teams and ... Expand

Authors / Editors

Peter Clough
is the former Head of Psychology at the University of Hull and is recognized as a leading applied academic authority in this field. He is co-developer of the mental toughness model and the MTQ48 Mental Toughness Questionnaire.  He has also contributed to Psychometrics in Coaching and Leadership Coaching (both published by Kogan Page).

Doug Strycharczyk is owner and Managing Director for AQR Ltd., an organization that has been instrumental in the adoption of mental toughness in new sectors and is now one ...

Press Coverage
"If there were any doubt about the importance of mental toughness and its effect on performance, this book dispels them thoroughly and convincingly...The range of contexts in which mental toughness can be used is illustrated by the many case studies that are described here, but its value in developing leadership and management effectiveness is the area in which it has particular value. Practicing leaders and managers, especially those currently being developed, will benefit from diagnosis ... Expand

Table of Contents
About the contributors ix
Acknowledgements xii

1 Introduction to the concept of MT
The 4 Cs model
Four fallacies about MT
Defining and describing mental toughness
The beginnings

2 The importance of stress
Research strands
An applied perspective on mental toughness, stress management and peak performance
The AQR stress model

3 A brief history of mental toughness
Constructs relating to mental toughness
Physiological toughness
Mental toughness itself
The development of the MTQ48 and the 4 Cs model

4 Developing the model and the MTQ48
Preliminary field research
Development of the four-factor model

5 Mental ... Expand

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