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Digital Wars
Apple, Google, Microsoft and the Battle for the Internet

About the Book
Which of Apple, Google and Microsoft had an office with a "drawer of broken dreams" ---and what (real) objects lay inside it?
When did Microsoft have the chance to catch Google in making money from search ---and who vetoed it?
Why did Google test 40 shades of blue on its users?
How long did outside developers wait before asking to write apps for Apple's iPhone after Steve Jobs announced it?
Who said that Microsoft should have its own music ... Expand

Authors / Editors
Charles Arthur
is the technology editor at the Guardian newspaper. An experienced journalist, he has over 25 years' experience in technology and science journalism. He met Bill Gates, Larry Page and Steve Jobs on numerous occasions. He speaks regularly at conferences, writes and blogs on all topics relating to technology.

Press Coverage
"[A] journalistic tale of competitive intrigue… For anyone with an interest in how our digital world has evolved, Charles Arthur's Digital Wars is required reading." --ForeWord Reviews 

"Arthur traces the ups-and-downs of the companies over time and the cutthroat competition that persists today to create the next state of the art server, music device, smartphone, tablet, or something entirely new. ...Lively and informative, even non-geeks will find this story riveting." --Publishers Weekly

"It's rare to say that a business ... Expand

Table of Contents

1. 1998 
Bill Gates and Microsoft 
Steve Jobs and Apple 
Bill Gates and Steve Jobs 
Larry Page and Sergey Brin 
Internet search 

2. Microsoft antitrust 
Steve Ballmer 
The antitrust trial 
The outcome of the trial 

3. Search: Google versus Microsoft 
The beginning of search 
Search and Microsoft 
Link to money 
Random access 
Google and the public consciousness 
Project Underdog 
Preparing for battle 
Do it yourself 
Going public 
Cultural differences 
Microsoft's relaunched search engine 
Microsoft's bid for Yahoo 
Google's identity 
The shadow of antitrust 
Still underdog 

4. Digital music: Apple versus Microsoft 
The beginning of iTunes 
Gizmo, Tokyo 
iPod design 
Marketing the new product 
Meanwhile, in Redmond: ... Expand

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