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A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing
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About the Book
Open innovation and crowdsourcing are among the hottest topics in strategy and management today. The concept of capturing ideas in a hub of collaboration, together with the outsourcing of tasks to a large group of people or community is a revolution that is rapidly changing business culture. A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing explains how to use the power of ideas and people outside your organization to turbocharge your innovation. Failure to embrace these approaches ... Expand

Authors / Editors
Paul Sloane is an experienced speaker, course leader and facilitator as well as a leading author of lateral thinking puzzles. He speaks and gives workshops on innovation and creative thinking to corporations around the world. He has written The Leaders Guide to Lateral Thinking Skills, The Innovative Leader, and How to Be a Brilliant Thinker, all published by Kogan Page.

Press Coverage
"[D]raws together some of the best advice on this growing area into a single volume… If your company is thinking about venturing into the brave new world of open innovation, this book ought to be on your must-read list. You'll gain some important insights into where to start, things you need to consider and what to watch out for." --Chuck Frey, www.innovationtools.com 

“This book is an essential guide to both Open Innovation and crowdsourcing, because it ... Expand

Table of Contents

Introduction - The Trend to Open Innovation - Paul Sloane, UK 
1. What is Open Innovation? - Julian Keith Loren,  San Francisco, CA
2 What is Crowdsourcing? - Renee Hopkins, Arlington, TX 
3. Open Innovation Typology - Jeffrey Phillips, Raleigh, NC 
4. The Importance of a Strategic Approach to Open Innovation - Braden Kelly, Seattle, WA 
5. Starting at the End - David Simoes-Brown and Roland Harwood, UK 
6. Institutionalizing Open Innovation - Steven Goers, PhD., New York, NY  
7. The Strategic Context for Open Innovation - Andrew Gaule, London, UK
8. Leadership Issues and Challenges in ... Expand

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