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Knockoff: The Deadly Trade in Counterfeit Goods
The True Story of the World's Fastest Growing Crime Wave

About the Book

Knockoff exposes the truth behind counterfeit products and uncovers the shocking consequences of dealing in counterfeit goods. Traveling around the globe, author Tim Phillips shows that counterfeiting isn’t a victimless crime; it is an illegal global industry that undermines the world’s economies. Based on interviews with victims, investigators, and the people who sell counterfeits, Knockoff reveals the link between what we see as “innocent” fakes and organized crime. Phillips describes in detail how the counterfeiters’ criminal ...


Authors / Editors
Tim Phillips is a freelance journalist. He has written for The Wall Street Journal Europe and The International Herald Tribune about business, the internet, and technology.  His books include Scoring Points (Kogan Page).

Press Coverage
"Fast-paced and high drama, Knockoff takes on some of the big questions behind buying fakes (yes, you could be funding terrorists) and closely follows the moves of two rival economies -- the legit and the knockoff." -- Fast Company

"Written in the bracing style of much of British journalism, this book is an easy read but a memorable one: you'll find yourself thinking about its revelations long after you finish it." -- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Philips' keen journalistic eye ...

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