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Make Your Brain Work
How to Maximize Your Efficiency, Productivity and Effectiveness

About the Book
Using the latest insights from neuroscience about how our mind works and what really makes us tick, Make Your Brain Work explains how to be more effective in the workplace and to get maximum impact from minimum effort.

Author Amy Brann is an expert in brain science, and she has distilled its key findings into non-technical, practical guidance. She presents an entirely different type of training: training based on the science of the mind. Offering soft skills ... Expand

Authors / Editors
Amy Brann
studied medicine at University College London. During her second year of medical school, she read about how the mind actually works and interacts with the body. When she also came across Coaching as a profession, she chose the opportunity to spend the rest of her life studying people, learning more about the mind and applying that to help people live more enjoyable productive lives.

Through her business, Synaptic Potential, she now works with many ... Expand

Press Coverage

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Reviews "Make Your Brain Work is an engaging book that is simultaneously filled with insight and application. Amy Brann not only provides us with greater understanding on how the brain works but she also gives us useful tools on how to make the brain work for each of us."
-Stephen M. R. Covey, author of The Speed of Trust, and coauthor of Smart Trust

"The most misunderstood organ in the human body is the brain. Amy Brann's ...

Table of Contents

How to read this book
Meet the coach
Meet the professionals

PART 1 – You

1 Can a marshmallow predict your success?
Picturing your goal
Starting with the end in mind
Prefrontal cortex
Practical prioritization
New information
Multi or mono
Your plastic brain
Reassuringly flexible
Enriching your potential

2 Is your hippopotamus under attack?
Stress: the classic culprit
Predictability and stress
Perhaps pounding the pavements is the answer
Negative connotations
Checking out of stress and into normality
Hippo attack
Mirror neurons
Lack of control
Stress busting

3 Learning how to influence what feels out of your control
States, emotions and ... Expand

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