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Masterminding the Deal
Breakthroughs in M&A Strategy and Analysis

About the Book

In Masterminding the Deal, Peter Clark and Roger Mills, both financial experts experienced in the M&A field, examine past mergers and analyze performance in two critical areas —the identification of critical characteristics and attributes separating more successful mergers from the rest, and the synergy benefits — expenses, revenues, tax — that ensure maximum rewards. From this analysis they draw some conclusions and go on to identify seven key principles for merger success.

“The main objective of this ...


Authors / Editors

Peter J Clark is a management consultant and company advisor with his own international firm. He is also Senior Teaching Fellow at University College London with the Department of Management Science and Innovation, where he teaches finance and M&A. Peter has more than 20 years' experience in M&A including target search, bid-sale advisory and merger divestiture strategy, involving more than $3bn in transactions. One of his previous books, Beyond the Deal,  received mention as a book of ...


Press Coverage

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"Masterminding The Deal is a great tool to improve merger success.  It starts with a very insightful analysis of why so many past mergers have failed, and then presents a very practical guidebook to help companies realistically appraise a deal’s chance of success and to identify ways to improve their chances of making a successful acquisition."
-Stephen F. O’Byrne, President, Shareholder Value Advisors Inc.

"For a long time we have read about the failure rates of ...

Table of Contents

List of figures and tables
About the authors
Foreword by Bill Weinstein


01 The next merger boom is already here

1.1 Business-merger waves: patterns, theories on causes, issues
1.2 Four post-1980 four business-merger waves, four phases
1.3 The fourth (and final?) post-1980 wave is already underway
1.4 Merger wave issue I: (T)APP-synergy divergence as the wave progresses
1.5 Merger wave issue II: whipsaw-merger market entry and exit missteps

02 Debunking the six merger fallacies that destroy value

2.1 Increased understanding of historical merger failure means ...


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