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Paid, Owned, Earned
Maximizing Marketing Returns in a Socially Connected World

About the Book
The complexity of media that now sees multiple channels accessed through multiple devices has created major challenges for today's marketing and advertising professionals. Consumer time is split between TVs, laptops, iPads, X-Boxes and smartphones, with traditional media, websites, videos, social networks and apps all competing for attention, meaning it's difficult for brands to decide how best to reach and engage their audiences. Paid, Owned, Earned defines the constituents of each area of "paid," "owned" and "earned" ... Expand

Authors / Editors
Nick Burcher
is Head of Social Media and Digital Innovation at ZenithOptimedia Worldwide, part of the world's largest media services group, Publicis Groupe. He has worked across the whole spectrum of "Paid, Owned, Earned" (including social media for five years) and has built a reputation in this space through both speaking at industry events and maintaining his own social media presence.

Press Coverage
"A timely, practical, and informative source, this is highly recommended to readers in online marketing as well as business students." --Library Journal, Lucy Heckman, St. John’s University

"[H]elps consumers and advertisers understand and manage the phenomena of the social media revolution. ...Participants in the never-ending connection who read and respond will be in a position to maximize their return, reaping success and remuneration in the global, interconnected marketplace of ideas, goods, and actions." --Pamela Harris Kaiser, ForeWord Reviews

"[T]hose ... Expand

Table of Contents
About this book

'Hi, my name is Karen'
Going viral
unKaren and the spirit of HC Andersen
Denmark's a liberal country, but they're not crazy…
You can't put it back in…
'My name is Ditte'
The paid, owned, earned jigsaw

1. How the world of paid, owned, earned works Defining the elements
The Shannon-Weaver model of communication and paid media - the traditional model of advertising
Always-on owned media - changing the way that the message is received
The changing nature of consumers - consumers as ... Expand

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