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Understanding NLP
Strategies for Better Workplace Communication...Without The Jargon

About the Book
Have you ever wondered how some people constantly achieve success in the workplace and in everyday life? Do you wish you knew more about how they think and behave? 

Understanding NLP will take you a step closer to sharing their success by applying the principles of NLP to the working environment. By describing familiar situations in a jargon-free way, it will give you the tools and techniques to change patterns of communication and behaviour and achieve ... Expand

Authors / Editors

Frances Kay works with organizations in the field of research and corporate development. With many years' work experience covering politics, law and the diplomatic service, the majority of her time is now spent writing, researching, editing and giving talks based on her book topics. She is a regular speaker on retirement issues on both local and national radio.  She is the author of Successful Networking and co-author of Tough Tactics for Tough Times and Understanding Emotional Intelligence.

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Press Coverage "...[T]his book distinguishes itself...by focusing solely on solutions to common workplace issues. ...hand it sports a good glossary of NLP terms and a helpful index. The authors make excellent use of examples and business case studies to illustrate their points. Business people who want to improve their interpersonal communication skills will make the perfect readers for Understanding NLP. The advice is on the mark!" --Judith E. Pearson, INLPA, certified NLP Trainer, Executive Director of the National ... Expand

Table of Contents

Part One A new way of understanding NLP
1 NLP building blocks
2 NLP beliefs simply explained
3 The mind and its effects on your behavior
4 The body and its impact on communication
5 How your nervous system prepares you for anything
6 The incredible power of language
7 Rapport: your most important communications tool
8 Influencing skills are better than status
9 Learning: the most effective ways to do it

Part Two NLP and 26 situations or challenges you may face
10 Facing management challenges
11 ... Expand

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