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Valuable Content Marketing
How to make quality content the key to your business success

About the Book
Content marketing is the art of communicating with customers and the target audience without selling. It involves the sharing of information, rather than pitching products and services. As traditional marketing becomes less and less effective, today's marketers need to rethink what they've learned about sales and marketing communication. In order to keep current customers, engage potential customers and make a business stand out from the crowd, they need to create content that is both relevant ... Expand

Authors / Editors
Sonja Jefferson is a content consultant with a background in professional sales. Through her company, Valuable Content Ltd, she has helped business owners get their message across, managing web projects and helping them write and publish high quality business books.

Sharon Tanton is a copywriter with a background in telling stories. Working in radio, television, magazine features and internal communications, she helps companies convey their message in a way that audiences appreciate. She has both English ... Expand

Press Coverage

"Valuable content is the focus of all successful marketing today. This book tells you why this is true, and how to play in the new game." --Charles H Green, author of The Trusted Advisor

"[I]f you're getting started with content marketing...check out the Valuable Content Marketing book and add it to your library. You'll learn a lot, and (hopefully) enjoy the process." --Christopher Butler, Chief Operating Officer, Newfangled 

"As experienced writers, the authors give plenty of useful advice on ...

Table of Contents
About the authors 

Introduction: Why you need this book 

Part One Why valuable content? 

01 Marketing has changed. Have you?
The business development challenge 
How successful businesses are marketing themselves today 
What are these companies doing right? 
The three factors transforming buyer behavior 
The new buyer mentality 
Buyers prefer valuable content 

02 What is valuable content and why it wins you business 
What we mean by valuable content 
The rise of valuable content as a marketing choice 
Five vital things every business needs, and valuable content delivers 
The wider ... Expand

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