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Venture Capital Funding
A Practical Guide to Raising Finance

About the Book

Identifying and attracting the right kind of investor can be a difficult process.  Venture Capital Funding gives a step-by-step guide for small and medium-sized businesses to obtain venture capital – from building a management team through the maze of due diligence procedures.


Though the book is firmly rooted in UK and EU practice, US entrepreneurs will nonetheless find the discussion of the nuts and bolts of venture capital of interest. The practicalities of competing for, and winning, ...


Authors / Editors
Stephen Bloomfield is Associate Dean of the Ashcroft International Business School.  He has an extensive background in venture fund management, having helped run three venture capital funds and having led numerous deals and syndications.

Table of Contents


Preface to the second edition


Introduction: some objectives and definitions


1 Background issues

The funding gap – myth or reality?; Mathematics; Market; Management; Mission impossible


2 The future revisited I: developments in legal matters

Legal documentation; Business angels; The professionals’ cut; Conclusion


3 The future revisited II: developments in regional funding

New sources of proposals; The structural side


4 The future revisited III: the view from the City


5 Why do you want funding?

Defining what venture capital is – and is not; The basic ...


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